Advertising disclosure

We’ve published this disclosure for our readers to know that we receive commissions from some VPN services that have been reviewed on our website.

What are they?

We don’t get commissions from all the VPNs reviewed by our expert. The following 2 VPNs have affiliate links to their websites:

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN

We aren’t the affiliates with the rest of 170+ VPN providers and don’t get any commissions from their services.

How we earn commissions from the affiliate VPN links

  1. The providers give us special partner links.
  2. Our readers visit the VPN providers’ sites via those links.
  3. If they subscribe for the VPN services by using our affiliate links to the providers’ sites, we’ll earn commissions.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to pay extra money while subscribing for VPNs through our website!

You will definitely ask this question to us:

Have we included the abovementioned VPNs to our top 3 of the best providers because of being affiliated with them?

No, no and again no.

They are the best-rated VPN providers on our website due to their excellent test results and lots of positive reviews by our readers. They are not only the most influential representatives but also the most trusted VPN providers that proved the importance and reliability of their services.

Why we’ve decided to provide you with this information

We just want to be transparent to our readers and let you know about it. We understand that we need some money resources to run our website. That’s why we earn commissions from some VPN services.

Disclaimer: We don’t influence you choice. It’s up to you what VPN to choose for subscribing.

Stay secure and private on the Internet! And BestVPNRating will help you in this matter!

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David Balaban
David Balaban