User Agreement

General user agreement

This legal document specifies general terms and conditions with respect to usage of the website (TOP VPN SERVICES OF 2020). Using of the website obliges the user to abide by the agreement, as well as all possible modifications of the agreement, so the user should check for the website updates. The administration is obliged to provide the user with access to all services and information.



The administration – TOP VPN SERVICES 2020
The website -
The user – the registered consumer of website services.
Parties - the administration and the user.
Services - the services provided by the administration of the website.
Information - all the news and texts on the website, including descriptions, rules and regulations, links, and etc.
The effective date - the moment when the user accepts the rules and regulations and logs in the site.


Restricted or unwanted activities

  • illicit actions of hacking or unauthorized distribution of the website content;
  • unlawful access to other networks and computers;
  • subliminal advertising, or spam;
  • breach of copyright laws;
  • machinations under the name of the administration.


The administration:

  • provides the user with information concerning services, updates, news, rules modification, and etc.;
  • provides the user with access to all services listed on the website and do not impedes him to get access until the termination of the agreement;
  • secures support and privacy in accordance with the website regulations;
  • does not reveal the user’s personal information until the user is involved in any type of crimes;
  • does not take responsibilities for the user’s actions, since the administration solely provides him with information and offers services for his consideration.


The user:

  • follows the terms and regulations of the agreementl;
  • avoids restricted or unwanted activities;
  • agrees to abide by the amendments to the terms of agreement in case they take placel;
  • accepts all responsibility for his actions on the website, if he suffers consequences of his activity on the website.


Termination of the agreement

Both parties are obliged to follow the general terms of agreement. If one of the parties breach the rules since the effective date of entering into the agreement, the other party pertains the right to cancel it. Parties remain liable until the termination of the agreement.

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David Balaban
David Balaban