If you’d like to attract new customers, spread the word about your top quality products and online security services, you would definitely appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with us! We invite you to promote your VPN service using our site as a platform for growing the network of the clients. Posting the information of your services on our website you expand the audience attracting as many customers as possible.

The rules of posting:

  1. You should submit a request with detailed information about your service: the main features, the support of operating system, how many countries and servers, peculiar properties.
  2. We check out your information. If it fills the requirements, we will do a review.
  3. For performing the task, you should allow access to your service to test it.
  4. We’re not responsible for posting your review, as we decide which service will be added in our catalogue.

Let’s define the business arrangements:

  • What do we propose you?

We’re going to add your VPN services in our catalogue.

  • Why should you be interested in it?

You shouldn’t pay anything for it. It’s absolutely free.

  • What are your personal benefits?

We propose you our site as a platform for product placement which is considered to be advertising for attracting as many customers as possible

  • What do we want to get in return?

We’ll be grateful to you for setting the link of our site on your resources.

Some great reasons for business partnership:

  • You can double your resources and your ability to reach customers:

Together we could offer a much wider range of services to a much larger number of clients. Bringing in a partner can give you access to a much richer pool of business networks.

  • It promotes greater creativity:

It’s more useful to design something new taking into account common interests.

  • Working together for a common goal is a lot more fun than working alone.

To be a business partner is a lot more fun when you can share it with someone else. Moreover, there’s something exciting and exhilarating in facing challenges together.

If you share the opinion two people working together have a better chance of solving a problem than one person working alone which can be proved by the proverb “Two heads are better than one”, please, contact us [email protected]. Moreover, as you know, proverbs usually reflect life experience people have endured. So there’s no room for doubt that it’ll pay off.

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David Balaban
David Balaban