What’s BestVPNRating? is an online platform which allows you to browse the best VPN providers. The site is structured to provide a top of the best VPNs, where you can check the main features of the services, their pricing, how other users rate the service and a link to their websites. is offering information regarding the best VPN services to use for a specific purpose or with another tool/software, such as Netflix or for sharing services. On the blog section you can find useful tips and advice on how to use VPN services, how to get the best of the tool by configuring it properly and information on data restricted countries and VPNs.


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David BalabanDavid Balaban

Computer security researcher

Being a computer security researcher for 15 years, David Balaban has developed the reputation of an expert in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. He has published his numerous articles and researches on such online media as Hackernoon, Tripwire, Infosecinstitute, Ifsecglobal, Hackread, and Cybrary.

Besides, since 2018 he is a regular contributor to the blog section of SAP. The topics covered: security, cryptocurrency, and insurance.

David is a very active person and not ready to rest. That’s why he also runs the project whose experts cover contemporary information security matters, including social engineering, penetration testing, threat intelligence, online privacy, and white hat hacking. 

David Balaban is a talented journalist. He has interviewed such security celebrities as Dave Kennedy, Jay Jacobs and Robert David Steele to get firsthand opinions on hot cybersecurity issues.




GilmorDainan Gilmore

Data privacy advisor

Personal website:

He is a professional cryptanalyst with the 7-year experience at BestVPNRating and current data privacy advisor.

Being a very enthusiastic person, he was engaged in multiple research projects related to online privacy and cybersecurity here at BestVPNRating. As a result, Dainan is the main author of 10+ expert guides for the website. Among the top researches are:

In tandem with David Balaban, Dainan analyzes VPN services and compares them to include the best ones to our VPN ratings. At BestVPNRating he has analyzed 140+ VPN apps and studied internet censorship and data privacy issues in 40+ countries. Moreover, Dainan is the author of LatesthackernewsTweakdown, and Techspective articles.

Moreover, Dainan is enthusiastic about the issue of cryptocurrency: privacy and security matters. His expert opinion is appreciated on such cryptocurrency-related websites as InvestinblockchainBloktThe-Blockchain.




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David Balaban
David Balaban

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